25 abril 2009

My Chance By Jaime Thietten subtitulada

My Chance By Jaime Thietten

Leaves were fallin' on Sunrise road
I watched her momma button her coat
And then I heard that little girl say
Can your kid come out and play

I tried to swallow the lump in my throat
Said we couldn't wait to bring him home
Ain't it funny how you forget
We were gonna call him Chance

My Chance, he would of had eyes as blue as oceans
My Chance, would have been an angel from above
I would have sang him lullabies before he went to bed
But I missed, I missed my Chance

I bought him the cutest little shoes
Painted my room in pastel blues
But they said we were too young
To raise a son

They promised we'd never regret it
And to this day their words, their words still hurt
We prayed each day that God would understand
But we never got a second Chance

Adopcion Espiritual

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